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The next 50 Years -- a love story


A few years ago I celebrated my 50th birthday. I decided it was time to create the next fifty years in words and images, in memory and poetry, in noise and silence, in opportunity and reflection. Thank you for joining me here and exploring the human dimensions and the curves of the heart.

The first two weeks of August, 2017, I had the honor to be a resident at  Rivendell Writer's Colony in Sewanee, TN, at the Pondview House for two weeks. I don't know how to tell you how beautiful it was, how sacred the time and space, how wonderful the other writers were, and the director... Carmen... just the gentlest, best soul you'd want to know. I wrote or revised about a dozen poems, did mixed media projects, and worked on an article. I also did a few submissions and a public reading at the Blue Chair. You can see more about that on my Public Readings page. Writers out there, you'll never find a better place than Rivendell to write and to be restored.



My mother turned my bed down

and put on the lamp

when as a teenager, I rambled



We learn of love

in simple gestures, a setting

of the clock for ten more

minutes sleep, the waiting

up after a date ---

a tray with warm

tea (the treasured tiny spoon,

the not-forgotten milk

and sugar) in lavender or mint.


Sheets and chairs

for camp, a low-flung tent,

the kneeling down and peering

in -- the low, slow crawl to join

us with a flashlight in the cool



blackout of the living room,


the natural accompaniment

of a blanket and a night-owl’s

snack, but first, before play,

before the time consumed,


love meant the children’s

room at the library, my arms

full of books, the climbing

in the car,

the radio on 1972.


I started reading on the way.

The book was an early

lamp, and mother,

you were too,

a page turned down.



I went to the Sewanee Writers' Conference in July, 2016 -- see the "More" tab.

My father with his adoptive mother, Alma.

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